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Sean Hastings

Sean is the owner of Revolution Fitness. He has a degree in Biology/Environmental Health from Illinois State University and is a CrossFit, Spartan SGX, DekaFit, and RAMFit Coach. He also has an MBA from the University of Illinois and assists corporations with consulting, interim and direct hire. He resides in the Chicago suburbs and is the father of two active boys.

Cricket Protein!

If you have been at Revolution Fitness lately you will have noticed we are now offering cricket protein bars from both Exo and Landish. Soon we will be offering Cricket Protein powder from Landish and cricket flour from Entomo. What?!? Did you say cricket protein bars, powder, and flour? Yes!

So why the heck crickets, you ask? Many reasons!

Crickets are one of the best sources of protein on the planet. They’re a nutritionally-balanced, delicious treat packed full of fuel — which might be why over 80% of the world already eats them (yep, you saw that right, 80%). Best of all, cricket farming is environmentally-friendly and sustainable. Crickets use significantly less water, they produce practically no methane gas, and they require less food and land than other traditional protein sources. Further reasons below (courtesy of Landish):

Crickets are a source of protein with 9 essential amino acids

Crickets are great source of sustainable, complete protein. This protein is complete because it contains all 9 essential amino acids, like other animal proteins, and protein makes up 60-70% of cricket powder used in the bars we sell. Cricket powder contains 2-3x the amount of protein compared to beef, chicken, pork and fish.

Vitamin B12 in cricket powder

Crickets are an amazing source of vitamin B12 – cricket powder contains 50x more vitamin B12 than chicken and 7x more than salmon 

Chitin in cricket powder

Cricket powder is full of chitin, a powerful prebiotic fibre which makes up the exoskeleton of arthropods like insects and crustaceans. A study found that the chitin in cricket powder was responsible for strong probiotic growth. A strong, diverse microbiota has been associated to a stronger immune system, more energy, better mood, and better overall health. Studies have found chitin responsible for reducing systemic inflammation in people with irritable bowel disease.

Iron in cricket powder

Cricket powder contains more iron than beef jerky. Iron helps form hemoglobin, which transports oxygen in the blood. Low iron levels can result in fatigue; iron may help reduce unexplained fatigue resulting from a lack of hemoglobin.

In addition, a recent research study from Purdue University is exploring how insect peptides may be the next breakthrough in diabetes and hypertension treatments. In laboratory tests, these peptides have shown several health benefits, most notably anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory properties. They have also been linked to having an effect in lowering high blood pressure.

So there you have it. Why not give crickets a try – you likely have eaten them in your produce already anyway. They are a sustainable and complete protein source. Taste pretty good too! So come on in and try some out, you will be hopping glad you did!

*btw…if you are allergic to shellfish you may be allergic to insects, too.

Whole roasted crickets on a bed of greens, and hemp hearts…yum!

A little backstory, if interested… We offer only quality protein powder and other products at the gym and we have a limited selection by design. All high quality and the best available that I can find. Before bringing any product into the gym to sell, I trial it for a while myself. I talk with the suppliers on the phone, and in most cases have met them in person. As it relates to insects, I have been trialing various cricket and mealworm flour (both simply ground up bugs), protein powders, and bars for a couple of months now to augment my otherwise primarily vegan diet. I am doing this for both sustainability and health reasons but also out of curiosity. I have eaten the bars as a snack and have been using both ground cricket and ground mealworm flour daily in my fruit/veggie smoothies. I have used the protein powder with almond milk. I have found these products to be tasty with no side effects. I have also been eating whole crickets and mealworms in salads and have even baked with cricket flour.

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